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Riga Craft Beer Weekend participant-Browar Rockmill


Browar Rockmill is a contract brewery from northern Poland, created in the beginning od 2017. We're focused on creating surprising, uncompromising beers, rich in both taste and aroma, while also always trying to sway away from the trampled paths of classic styles, creating beers that leave you craving for the next sip, before even finishing the current one. From the very beginning, we've been appreciated both by domestic and international craft beer community, becoming the best new brewery in Poland by in 2017. During those 3 years we've been awarded with over 10 medals at Polish Craft of The Year competition, while also getting prestigous Best IPA title during Ibeerian Awards 2019 in Portugal. Each day for us is another step for perfecting our craft and giving to the community the best beers possible.

The brewery will offer eight different products for tasting. Among them - "2nd Anniversary" - winner of the Silver medal in "Polish Craft 2019" in BA stout / porter category! and "Rye Forrest, Rye!" - Silver medal in "Polish Craft 2019" in IPA & other category, and - "Almond Coffeecat" - "Craft of the Year 2018" - gold medal in Poland.

Browar Rockmill

Almond Coffeecat

Stout – Oatmeal

6.5% ABV


Oatmeal Coffee Stout, hopped with Chinook and Simcoe with coffee and almonds. Craft of the Year 2018 gold medal

Rye Forrest, Rye!

IPA – Rye

6.5% ABV


Silver medail Polish Craft 2019 in IPA -other category.

Chinook, Crystal. Simcoe, Amarillo, Cascade, Citra, new wave hops mixed with classic, light,clear and drinkable beer, rye malts not overpowering, floral and citral notes

Fun Times

4.4% ABV



2nd beer from our summer series with labels made by Magdalena Jankowska. Sour, light, refreshing beer! Extremely low bitterness, hazy. Triple dry-hopped with new wave hops brings out citrus aromas with tropical fruits background. Refreshing due to sourness.


Stout - Imperial / Double

12% ABV


Extreme, peated imperial stout, which overpowers your tastebuds and attacks your nostrils just as fresh, liquid asphalt does. A second later you will feel deposit of chocolate, as dark as night can be, with hints of coffee and wood, from the railways of course. You can either love it or hate it, but you can’t be indifferent to it. Fantastic label by Bartosz Cichoracki (iamsomeart). Very good collab with Didko Brewery from Ukraine.

Umbrella Galaxy

IPA – American

7% ABV

West Coast IPA (16blg) hopped with Citra, Galaxy and Mosaic. Very classic, dry and bitter with simultaneous citrus aroma, noticeable straight after opening a bottle and with addition of corn grits, which allows the body to be more full

2nd Anniversary

Stout - Imperial / Double

14% ABV

Silver medail Polish Craft 2019 in BA stout/porter category!. For the base we used imperial stout with 30blg plato, which we decided to age in bourbon barrels for over 9 months. Then later on we added espresso coffee mix from Honduras, Colombia and Brasil. We decided to celebrate our 2nd birthday with a serious monster – 14%abv and 30blg. Despite it’s heaviness and serious alcohol level, it’s really balanced and full thanks to the barrels which worked magic, giving this beer really complex character.


Stout – Other

12% ABV

Craft of the Year 2018 silver medal - Imperial Stout With Cinnamon & Cocoa Nibs, very chocolate and full body stout, which we enriched with a large amount of roasted cocoa nibs and cinnamon. We chose ceylon cinnamon, which is considered the best species of this spice, with dominant sweet&spicy flavour

Buffalo Sheriff

IPA - Imperial / Double

8% ABV

8%, 18blg - Classic American IPA on steroids, straight outta the Wild Wild West. More hops, more extract, more alcohol. Beer with a pronounced malt base with solid bitterness. We'll find distinctive aroma of american hops with dominant citrus and resinous notes, enhanced by using double-dry-hopping technique.


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