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Riga Craft Beer Weekend

Festival for the open minded and beer aficionados!

We invite you to relax and prepare for the crazy taste marathon on New Year's Eve! - Explore the combination of exciting flavors, aromas and emotions of craft beer.

Riga Craft Beer Weekend  is a combination of music, entertainment and the traditional latvian beverage - beer. All in one place, allowing visitors not only to familiarize themselves with the various types of craft beer in the world, but also to immediately get acquainted with the representatives of producers, to hear their story about the origin of the particular beer varieties, the production process, to meet like-minded people.

The festival will be attended by breweries from different countries of the world.

Craft beer in today's society is not only a popular product or a fashion matter, it is a way of life and a belief that unites a large active part of society.


What is Riga Craft Beer Weekend?

Riga Craft Beer Weekend is an independent craft beer festival in Latvia. A new grand project where you can discover, taste and evaluate up to 240 beers every day, meet beer brewers, craft culture enthusiasts and everyone who is interested in craft beer culture.

A visitors guide to Riga Craft Beer Weekend:

The idea of the event Riga Craft Beer Weekend is to provide visitors with the opportunity to get to know new tastes and that is why:

  • Every visitor will receive a gift - a special beer tasting glass from Sahm;
  • Each of the beer varieties will be available for tasting;
  • Use drinking spring water  to neutralize the undefined taste in the mouth and the clearness of the mind;
  • Before each subsequent tasting, rinse the glass at specially provided places;
  • Print out the list of the offered beer varieties and record the most important feelings and ratings that will later help you orient in the wide range of offered beers;
  • Everyone will be able to express his or her rating of tasting electronically, which will be recorded online at an internationally recognized breed table;
The organizers remind: Riga Craft Beer Weekend Festival is focused on discovering new flavors and finding your true and favorite taste, rather than drinking amounts!


Entry price for the festival:

  •  one day ticket - 15 EUR ;
  • two-day ticket - 25 EUR.

Lectures, tastings, meetings, discussions with the most interesting craftsmen's brewers


What is the duration of the Riga Craft Beer Weekend Festival?

 The working hours of the festival are:

  • 21/02 - 18:00 to 24:00
  • 22/02 - 15:00 to 24:00


Who organizes the Riga Craft Beer Weekend?

 Showconsulting Ltd. Which is a technical support company for Beer brotherood,  which is the organizer of the Latviabeerfest - International Beer Festival, the Latvian Beer Awards Ceremony and Baltic Beer Star.


What happens during the Riga Craft Beer Weekend?

 The event program is under development. We will notify you soon.


Do you have to pay for a beer?

 Yes, this time we have changed the format of the event. Everyone can choose what and how much to taste.

During the event, the token settlement system will work. The equivalent value of one token is € 1 (one euro, 00 cents)


What is Riga Craft Beer Weekend tasting glass?

 Anyone who has purchased an entrance ticket to the Riga Craft Beer Weekend will receive a special tasting glass from our friend SAHM. The glass is intended for craft beer tasting in the event, and will be a great souvenir.


Where can I stay at the Riga Craft Beer Weekend?

In cooperation with our partners - one of the leading hotel operators in the Baltic States Mogotel we have a special offer.

If you want to book a hotel in the period from 17.02.2020 to 23.02.2020., use promo code " ALUS2020”

17% discount on the following hotels will apply:

  • Wellton Rīga
  • Wellton Centrum

  • Rixwell Elefant
  • Rixwell Old Riga Palace
  • Rixwell Konventa Sēta
  • Rixwell Ģertrūde


I'm a brewery and i want to participat ?

Rules of craft beer festival " Riga Craft Beer Weekend 2020»
Application for participation

Read the rules of the festival and send the completed application form for participation -

For more information about participation in the festival write -

For more information on participating in the festival and sending a brewery application,

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Riga Craft Beer Weekend 2020

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