Festival Riga Craft Beer Weekend for open minded minds to enjoy beers from 60 craft breweries from all around the globe in a relaxing atmosphere. Riga Craft Beer Weekend - a place where music, entertainment and traditional beverage in combined for you to paper your taste buds in a crazy taste marathon just after the New Year's holiday and explore the craft beer combination of exciting flavors, and emotions. The idea of Riga Craft Beer Weekend is to combine the music, entertainment and the traditional beverage in Latvia with the beer and taste in one place, allowing visitors not only to get to know the various types of craft, but also to get acquainted directly with representatives of producers, to hear their story about the origin of special beer varieties, the production process, meet like-minded people, and enjoy the concert of a popular band every evening.

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webAlus darītava “Malduguns”
Alus darītava “Malduguns”

Malduguns is one of the first craft breweries that started its way five years ago. It was made by three homebrewer friends. Malduguns is looking for the perfect beer, brewing classic beer styles

webAlus darītava “Labietis”
Alus darītava “Labietis”

Labietis brewery fuses modern brewing trends with ancient techniques resulting in beer that breaks conventions. Our beer is brewed not only with standard hops and malts but also with honey, wildflowers and hops, creating flavours that change the notion of

webAlus darbnīca “TEIKA”
Alus darbnīca “TEIKA”

Beer workshop TEIKA is a place where creative ideas appear and a free flight of taste lives. TEIKA Brewers create beer that is tasteful by itself and which can be admired by others. Beer workshop TEIKA respects tradition, but does it in its own way.

webAlus darbnīca “IndieJānis”
Alus darbnīca “IndieJānis”

I am a naughty brewer who don't give a fuck. No traditions, no standards, no rules.

webAlus darītava “VIEDI”
Alus darītava “VIEDI”

The craft brewery “VIEDI” is a brewery producing small amounts of world beer style classics and not fearing to experiment with new tastes. Our catchword is – “LET’S DO DIFFERENTLY!” Our permanent range includes 8-10 kinds of beer. Currently the brewery ha

webSesku alus darītava / Mūrbūdu sidrs
Sesku alus darītava / Mūrbūdu sidrs

webBARDA alus
BARDA alus

webKokmuižas alus darītava
Kokmuižas alus darītava

In the years leading up to the First World War, Kokmuiža was renowned for brewing famous European beer styles that were extremely popular in lands afar. Harbouring a fond dream of someday rejuvenating the Kokmuiža Brewery,

webKalēju Alus
Kalēju Alus

Mikro brewery "Kalēju Alus". Ale, Lager, Bitter, Stout - different kinds of beer that we brew ourselves and others.


webBrewery “Dundulis”
Brewery “Dundulis”

Trademark “Dundulis” has lately become well-known to those who follow the news of Lithuanian beer production. We often mix and match our innovative attitude with local ingredients. This allows us to create a unique portrait of the small Lithuanian brewer

webBrewery "Apynys"
Brewery "Apynys"

Almost every season of the year small Pučkus family microbrewery brewery „Apynys“ introduces to the market newly made, inspired by that time of the year, recipe. All beer is brewed with love from the bottom of our beery hearts.

webBlack Light Brewing
Black Light Brewing

At Black Light Brewing we specialize in creating specialty craft beers to open your mind and tantalize your taste buds. Our ever-expanding recipes use only finest ingredients, roasted malts, fruit, berries, vanilla, and of course massive amounts of exotic

webBrewery “Sakiškių Alus”
Brewery “Sakiškių Alus”

“Sakiškių alus” is a Vilnius based microbrewery that grew out of the idea of homebrewing. The intention was simple – hand made modern beer, brewed in a hand built brewery.

webVasaknų dvaro alus
Vasaknų dvaro alus

We continue traditions. We brew beer with our soul and spirit where the part of Lithuania goes in.

webAlaus Namai Vilnius - Pilialaukis
Alaus Namai Vilnius - Pilialaukis

Craft brewery specialising in traditional English style ale production, the only one in Lithuania conditioning all their products in casks or kegs.

Apynio barzda
Apynio barzda

In the past it was a privilege of brewers to drink unfiltered beer, however, in Biržai and its surroundings there has always been plenty of brewers, hence everyone knew the taste of unfiltered beer.

webWIDMO - home brewer
WIDMO - home brewer

WIDMO home brewer since 2010 - famous Lithuanian beer expert Vidmantas Laurinavičius. Also brewing as a "gypsy brewer" in official breweries. Specializing in country style ales, but also making craft series.

webVELNIŲ MALŪNAS - home brewer
VELNIŲ MALŪNAS - home brewer

VELNIŲ MALŪNAS - home brewer Marius Valiukas, who also works at two official breweries as "part time brewer". The main specializing is honey beers and mead, but also brews and craft lagers and ales series of other styles.

webAukštaitijos Bravorai
Aukštaitijos Bravorai

An alliance consisting of four Lithuanian breweries: – Butautų Dvaro Bravoras, – Kupiškėnų Alaus Bravoras, – Miežiškių Alaus Bravoras, and – Taruškų Alaus Bravoras.


webViru Small Batch beer & Old Boy Mary Jane beers
Viru Small Batch beer & Old Boy Mary Jane beers

webPurtse Brewery
Purtse Brewery


Tanker brewery began with three homebrewers’ common hobby that grew out of control. Jaanis and Ryan brewed beer together in Jaanis’ garage. Spending hours and hours tinkering with recipes and building up a growing fan base of friends and family. The idea

webKOLK Brewery
KOLK Brewery

KOLK is a family owned brewery that´s located near the sea close to Haapsalu since 2015. Our mission in this world is to use best quality grains and hops to make a Beer, that can be enjoyed by beginner beer lovers to grand ambassadors of beer.

webPeninuki Napsikoda
Peninuki Napsikoda

webLehe Pruulikoda
Lehe Pruulikoda

Lehe Pruulikoda (Lehe Brewery) is a craft brewery established in 2013 by Gristel and Tarmo to brew refreshing, tasty and original beers. It’s one of Estonia’s first modern craft breweries. Our wide range of beers has found drinkers both in Estonia and abr

webAnderson's Craft
Anderson's Craft




We have eagerness and skills, which let us create unique beers. Maybe it will sound a bit over the top, but this project is not lacking a sense of a mission either.We live in exciting times, it’s time for exciting beers.

webPyynikin Käsityöläispanimo
Pyynikin Käsityöläispanimo

We also have a secret agreement with Pyynikki area elves and magic creatures. Some have even suspected that a few of our staff members are ancient elves disguised as modern every day men.

webCerveja Nortada
Cerveja Nortada

Our goal is clear: we want to revolutionize the Portuguese market and truly democratize the access to beer that truly tastes like beer!

webMallaskoski brewery
Mallaskoski brewery

Rural and dark Northern nature has always been the fountain of inspiration for brewing at the Finnish Mallaskoski brewery. In our beers you can taste the strong Nordic temper and the world’s cleanest waters.


Our philosophy is to be at the crossroad of the old beer traditions and new waves. We will be happy to present our favourite strong and matured beer, as well as our basic ales and saisons.

webBevog Brewery
Bevog Brewery

Bevog brewery is the fruit of inquisitiveness and aspiration towards discovering new beer-drinking experiences; it is the result of enthusiasm, love and zeal.

webBrowar Pinta
Browar Pinta

We brew from the very first day of craft revolution in Poland! Our great journey started at the beginning of 2011, because we were bored of European lagers which at that time conquered the Polish market.

webStone Brewing
Stone Brewing

We have grown from a small microbrewery with just two founders into one of the largest craft breweries in the US. From the beginning, our goal has been to brew outstanding, unique beers while maintaining an unwavering commitment to sustainability, busines


At BrewDog, we count in Dog Years: we are moving at a speed of knots, and the people that are truly right for our business are consistently uncompromising and relentless in their efforts.

webBad Luck Brewing
Bad Luck Brewing

We're a small Danish Craft Brewery, located at Stevns, south from Copenhagen. We brew a broad variety of beers but our main focus is hop-forward beers, such as IPA, Pale Ales and Stouts. We like to create beers that’s big on flavour and attitude.

webHeist Craft
Heist Craft

webMONYO Brewing Co
MONYO Brewing Co

We are functioning as sort of "intellectual workshop", where the science and the story behind the brews are just as important as the products themselves.

webMalmö Brewing Co.
Malmö Brewing Co.




webCraft Brew Riots
Craft Brew Riots

Craft Brew Riots - an informal movement that was at the roots of the craft revolution in Russia, if not to say, provoked it even at the very beginning of 2010.

webBakunin brewery
Bakunin brewery

We’ve moved by the love of rich aromas, courageous experiments and the desire to bring good beer to good people. We don’t brew for the sake of brewing – every single beer we do is inspired by a feeling or idea. And we’re constantly challenging ourselves.


We have a great desire and ability to brew tasty and distinctive beer, deliver that taste to you and allow you to realize what you have now, open new taste horizons and choose the best!


We brew a special beer. Its taste considerably differs from beer that is brewed at large standardized brewery works. Our favorite thing to do is to fit its mood.

webPivzavod 77
Pivzavod 77

We get a very tasty beer, because we love beer!

webПивоварня Чаща
Пивоварня Чаща

«Chashya» (or simply The Thicket) is a kind of peculiar bridge, which is going from mysterious & myth-filled past into a rattling & vivid present tense. Our inspiration takes its vigor from medieval recipes and botanicals of old. With an addition of unres

webRising Moon Brewery
Rising Moon Brewery

Rising Moon Brewery comes from Moscow region. The brewery appeared as a result of a long friendship between two beergeeks - Sergey and Anatoly – one from Moscow, second from Saint-Petersburg. Combining their knowledge and ingenuity, they came to the concl

webNew Riga’s Brewery
New Riga’s Brewery

New Riga's Brewery is a craft brewery with its own character and taste.

webRewort Brewery
Rewort Brewery

Rewort Brewery is independent craft brewery based in Sergiev Posad. We make different kind of beers, from classic to innovative styles, but we have one general rule - to keep the quality of our product on the highest level..

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